The Bach


The Bach

The Bach Eatery is a restaurant and bar located at 399 King Street Newtown.
Fun, fast and fresh with a little kiwi twist.

The vision behind our beloved Bach Eatery concept, is a story of where and how we grew up in New Zealand. A lot of our childhood memories have influenced the construction of what the Bach is today. Inspired by our kiwi summer days.


Our chef Darrien Potaka

The Bach is a place to experience the very best Darrien Potaka and his team have to offer; it is a warm and inviting space,
based around people eating & drinking and having copious amounts of fun while doing it.

The kitchen tables with their mismatch stools, benches and chairs are probably the most fundamental and meaningful piece of furniture in a bach.
These tables bring everyone together through hunger, at all hours of the day.

You can’t help but think of the good times, conversation, laughter and heated discussions and we hope they will grace “these” tables for many years to come.
Why not drop on in, pull up a pew and dig into some of The Bach’s rustic grub, a glass of NZ Sauv Blanc or a kiwi brew.

Dec – Feb Dates

Dec – Feb Dates

Closed Sun 24 Dec – Reopen Thur 28 Dec

Thur 28 Dec – Open Lunch & Dinner

Fri 29 Dec – Open Lunch & Dinner

Sat 30 Dec – Open Lunch & Dinner

Closed Sun 31 Dec – Reopen Wed 3 Jan

Summer Holiday

Closed Sun 21 Jan – Reopen Wed 7 Feb